CashCode Bill-to-Bill™60


The B2B 60 is a revolutionary payment system designed for Europe that accepts and validates 5 – 50 Euro bank notes. It can then store and recycle 5’s, 10’s or 20’s to payout as change or dispense as winnings.


Funktionen & Vorteile

  • Accepts bar code and TITO coupons
  • Accepts 5 - 50 Euro standard (selectable) banknotes
  • Quick & simple configuration changes or firmware updates via BlueChip™ sim card
  • Recycles and stores 1 - 60 bills (operator selectable)
  • Load and unload service buttons to manage recycling cassette
  • Highest first pass acceptance 98+%
  • Pay out winnings to consumers with notes not coins
  • 2 digit external display indicates bill count to operator
  • High impact resistant cash vault


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